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Pump & Treat System TRACKER* Water Treated EDB Removed
As of 4/17/17 167.9 million gallons Water Treated 52.84 grams EDB Removed


Remediation in Action!

Welcome to the project web site for the Kirtland Air Force Base jet fuel plume remediation efforts.

This web site provides information about the remediation work being done to address the jet fuel leak that was first detected at Kirtland AFB’s Bulk Fuels Facility in 1999. The U.S. Air Force is conducting this work under the regulation of the New Mexico Environment Department to identify the full scope of the leak (plume characterization), to conduct certain interim remediation and containment efforts (interim measure), and to propose and implement a final remedy for soil and groundwater contamination remediation. While the final recommendation for the remedy will be forthcoming as part of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) process, interim measures are in place to remove fuel-related contaminants.

In order to ensure that Albuquerque’s drinking water remains unaffected by this plume, well monitoring in the area and interim remediation efforts are currently in progress. In addition, contingency plans are being developed should any drinking water production wells become threatened in the future.

Project Team:

U.S. Air Force
New Mexico Environment Department, https://www.env.nm.gov/kafbfuelplume/
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque District

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The Kirtland AFB Fuel Plume Remediation website (www.kirtlandjetfuelremediation.com) is an authorized external site produced by Neptune and Company under contract to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on behalf of Kirtland AFB. Content is reviewed and approved by the Kirtland AFB Public Affairs Office.


What's New

Third Quarter 2016 (July-September)
Pre-Remedy Monitoring and Site Investigation Report is also available under Project Documents. Second Quarter 2016 (April-June)
Pre-Remedy Monitoring and Site Investigation Report is also available under Project Documents.

Link to the Kirtland Jet Fuel Remediation BFF video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYvEg1_fDJ8

Meeting agenda and presentation, along with the poster session posters, are available under Public Meetings.

Garden information sheet is available under Project Documents.

Bulk Fuels Facility project update sheets are available under Project Documents.

Calendar of Events

July 27, 2017 – Public meeting at the African American Performing Arts Center, 310 San Pedro NE, Albuquerque; 5:30pm-8:30pm