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Kirtland AFB Project Activities

The Air Force Base is working with NMED to address requirements that have been identified regarding characterization of soil, vadose zone and groundwater contamination. Interim measures to remediate contamination in groundwater, source areas, and fuel floating on the water table must be identified and implemented. As part of the groundwater portion of remedial investigations, the Air Force has installed groundwater monitoring wells both on-base and in the neighborhoods bordering Kirtland AFB to collect more information about the extent of contamination in the underground environment. Information gained during all remedial investigations will be used to identify and recommend a remedial approach that best addresses the contaminants based on environmental conditions.

Project activities being conducted in support of the BFF remediation
project include:

  • Investigations of groundwater and vadose zone, the soil area above the water table that is partly filled with both air and water. RCRA Facility Investigation Reports for the groundwater and vadose zone were submitted to NMED March 2014 for review and comment;
  • Quarterly Pre-remedy groundwater and soil vapor monitoring;
  • Interim measures are being implemented to remove fuel-related contaminants from the groundwater, vadose zone and soil;
  • Investigation results and quarterly monitoring data will be used in a Corrective Measures Evaluation that that will identify, develop and evaluate potential remedial alternatives for contamination removal, containment, and treatment.