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Project Documents

Project documents such as the Quarterly Report, RCRA Facility Inverstigation Report, and the Kirtland BFF Risk Assessment are available to the public on this page. To access these documents use the links below.

The Administrative Record, which has all the decision documents related to this project, can be accessed via the following link: U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Center web site. The New Mexico Environment Department website link can be found on the Links page.

A full collection of the quarterly reports and other relevant project documents can be found in the administrative record which is located at:

Central New Mexico (CNM) Community College-Montoya Campus Library
4700 Morris NE
(505) 224-5721

Community Relations Plan

Quarterly Reports

Second Quarterly Report for April - June 2017

First Quarterly Report for January - March 2017

Fourth Quarterly Report for October - December 2016

Third Quarterly Report for July - September 2016

Second Quarterly Report for April - June 2016